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Remote Content Managers can provide expertise, focus, high-productivity and results – for an area that can generate 6X more leads than any other digital marketing methods. Plus, these experts often cost fractions of what employees cost. And their help can enable employees to focus on core business needs.

Content Marketing provides 6 times more leads than other digital marketing methods.


In a nationwide survey, 74% of companies claimed that content marketing increased both the quantity and quality of leads they received.

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Why the economics are irresistible

Why content? Why remote? Content is what fuels sales and marketing success. It has one of the highest ROIs. And, it’s at the center of everything from sales pitches to social media to thought leadership conferences. By having a dedicated Creative & Digital Partners content management expert helping with content operations, the result is better, more timely and more consistent branded content across your organization. That means websites are constantly refreshed, updated sales slicks can increase leads and conversions, email marketing will be on the rise, social media can hum along, and presentations will be garnering high praise.

How Content Amplication Helps

Many organizations think that launching any type of content marketing strategy requires having one or more full-time staff to manage the efforts. But a virtual content manager may be a better fit. Here’s why…

What’s a good content manager cost these days? $50,000-60,000 in base salary? With benefits: $70,000+? And that’s assuming one content manager could update everything from thought leadership docs
to presentations to infographics or website pages and content. For large organizations, the costs are still a factor but the delivery of such content is usually handled by several individuals. But for smaller organizations, it’s not a typical to hire someone to help with social media only to then discover that this person’s skills don’t translate into assisting with many of the other areas. Whether or not an organization requires only a small amount of remote content management help or a lot of it, remote resources are more versatile and are exponentially cheaper than staffing full-time employees.

The clear benefits of a remote content manager:
Creative & Digital Partners approaches digital marketing for each of our clients with fresh eyes. We let data, business goals
and audience insights guide our approach. Then we determine the best channels and tactics to drive results.

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