Fractional Digital Teams:

The New Model Reinventing Nonprofits & SMBs

Cut costs by 50%.
Double your productivity.

Solving the resource challenge

Smaller organizations are typically precluded each year from updating their website, brochures, or digital marketing due to limited resources. Between employee salaries and, say an annual conference, there’s just nothing left over. And despite the market becoming trickier to navigate each year the strategy never changes. If only they didn’t have this severe resource constraint everything could be different. They could start to act more strategically, to perform much better – just like larger organizations do. So solving the “resource challenge” is job #1.

A revolutionary solution

A revolutionary solution We’ve created a fractional digital team solution to help with websites, brochures,digital marketing, graphic design and more – all for fractions of the cost of an average employee. Too good to be true? The secret is in understanding the true cost of employees. A young employee making $57,000 in salary could surpass $80,000 in total compensation, including benefits (401K, vacation, healthcare, etc.). And that’s just year 1. Imagine having 10-15-20 employees expecting yearly increases and you’ll start to see why nonprofits and SMBs are so financially stretched. Employee costs account for a large % of total resources. The pandemic also shined a spotlight on employee productivity, as organization now wonder if they’ve got the right employee mix to flourish.

The Fractional Digital Team or $36K employee

We’ve packaged up everything you’d need typically for $36K or less. Our digital team solution can augment your existing staff to boost productivity or to fill a gap if someone that is leaving. The latter could also save $2,000-$4,000 per month over typical employee costs. Plus, our team lead can get on calls and visit your office just like staff members do.


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