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Digital marketing can build awareness, drive demand, and help to transform your organization virtually overnight. From websites, SEO, analytics tools, email marketing and more – our experts guide you through industry-best approaches for cost-effectively driving the business results you’re targeting.

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Digital Marketing Drives Results

We live in a digital world – whether at work or remote – where audiences for nearly every business and product can be engaged online. Our digital marketing team understands that successful online strategies stem from determining which sales and marketing channels are best for surpassing a client’s benchmarks of success. The digital universe is vast, touching on B2B email campaigns, website automation and landing pages, SEO, content marketing, social media management, CRM, social media, paid advertising, and more. It takes a number of experts from a number of different areas to begin to execute a proper channel strategy driven by analytics and ROI.

Omnichannel campaigns experience more than three times higher engagement rates than their single-channel counterparts.

Which Channels are Best?

Digital marketers see the world through a different lens and often help to define the forest and the trees. The good news is they already enter the equation understanding a number of truisms about channel performance, e.g. 50% of website traffic going to homepages, the number of seconds before online consumers dis-engage, email delivering the highest ROI in digital marketing, etc. But they also understand tricks for delivering more qualified leads or obtaining more donations or getting more site traffic and the like. Think of digital marketers as online channel and tools experts who understand that technology, knowledge, and analytics are the real differentiators in today’s digital frontier.

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Creative & Digital Partners approaches digital marketing for each of our clients with fresh eyes. We let data, business goals
and audience insights guide our approach. Then we determine the best channels and tactics to drive results.

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